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                                                                          Udaipur Govt. Museum
Introduction of Udaipur Govt. Museum

Government Museum in Udaipur Highlight the Rich Culture of Rajasthan. Udaipur is a magnificent city that presents exhibits of the bygone age by the means of museums. These museums peep into the ancient times of the imperial city.

These museums are constructed to preserve the priceless objects of the noble kings. They offer a glimpse of the items that used to be the part of the regal lifestyle. Udaipur Government is making regular efforts to protect the objects of the previous age.

Initially, Udaipur Govt. Museum was situated in Gulab Bagh and was called the Victoria Hall Museum. Now it has been shifted to Karan Vilas Mahal within the area of the City Palace.

Exhibits and Galleries of Museum

This museum highlights the richness of the culture and heritage of Rajasthan all the way through its wide-ranging collection of excavated items, inscriptions, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts.

Inscription section which are on display at the museum range from those of 2nd B.C to 17th century A.D. Also on display there is plastic art of Mewar. The sculpture gallery extends over a big hall which contains some precious and unique specimens- Indriya Matrika from Lagat (5th - 6th century AD); Kumari Matrika from Kumbhalgam; Shiva's head from Kalyanpur and lain Kuber from Bansi (8th century AD). Inscriptions which are on display at the museum date back to as early as 200 BC.

One of the most prominent collection of the museum are: 9000 miniature paintings of Mewar School from the period of Maharana Jagat Singh (1628 1652 AD) to Maharana Swaroop Singh (1842 1861 AD).

It has a Natural History section called the Children Gallery, which has models of animals similar to tiger, deer etc. The museum also contains collection of colorful Mewari turbans. In addition to these this museum also has a separate Natural History section which is called the Children Gallery, it exhibits models of animals like deer, tiger etc.

Attractions of the Museum

Important attractions of the Govt. Museum of Udaipur are: Inscriptions, Sculptures and handicrafts. Govt museum has now been moved to KaranVilas Mahal within the precincts of the City Palace. This museum highlights the culture and heritage of Rajasthan through its widespread set of excavated items, inscriptions, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts.

Location: Inside City Palace, Udaipur.
                            View of Govt.Museum                                     Gulab Bagh

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