Theme Packages

Theme Packages

Rajasthan is a land where hospitality is a way of life; culture is steeped in tradition and where history lives in music and dance. In our effort to bring the cultural heritage of this truly colorful land to life and make it a most wonderful experience, we have designed some THEMES, which can be organized for you at different venues in Rajasthan.

Maharaja Welcome

We can arrange the same Maharaja Welcome for you as was done in the past for emperors or kings. When the victorious Maharajas returned from war, a stunning tableau of decorated camels and elephants used to welcome them, the same can be organized for you in the hotel. Ladies in rajasthani costumes perform the traditional garlanding, "aarti" and "tikka" or “tilak” ceremonies while the music of the "shehnai" welcomes you. You will be offered a gin based relaxing welcome drink afterwards. We can arrange Maharaja Welcome for you at Jaipur.

Grand Royal Procession Welcome

This theme recreates the ambience of the welcome accorded to a victorious Rajput warrior. The entire driveway to the hotel is lined with caparisoned elephants and camels. Elephants with trunks raised in salute, accompany you in royal carriages or on elephant back to the hotel. A band of musicians and horsemen precede the procession amidst a shower of rose petals. Valets drape each lady with a "dupatta" (shawl) and the gents are dressed up with "safas" (Rajasthani turbans). You will be greeted with garlands and the "tikka" ceremony is performed. Afterwards you can relax to the music of the "shehnai" while you sip a gin based welcome drink and enjoy Rajasthani Folk Dances. This Grand Royal Procession Welcome can be arranged for you at Jaipur.

Rajput Wedding

Give your wedding ceremony a royal treat with this theme. There will be a traditional Rajput wedding ceremony where the group members participate as the "baraat" (the bridegroom's family and friends who form the wedding party) and the bridal party. The baraat arrives with a local band, complete with "mashaals" (flaming torches). The host (the bride's family) receives the baraat and the wedding ceremony is performed under a decorated "mandap" (pavilion). The "meena bazaar" (a colorful bazaar for the ladies) also forms an integral part of the setting. A festive buffet meal, laid out for both parties in the illuminated palace hotel is accompanied by spirited "shehnai" music and folk dances. Also accompanying the ceremony is the traditional "mehendi" (henna) application for the ladies, which is considered auspicious at the time of an Indian wedding. We can arrange this wedding party at Jaipur and Udaipur.

Baradari Dinner

This Gala dinner is held on a cool, open terrace under a starlit sky. Earthen lamps and "mashaals" (flaming torches) lend a rustic look to the terrace. You can relax, as royalty would, on soft, satin mattresses with cushions and bolsters. Enjoy a superb Rajasthani sit down "Thali" (a traditional plate) meal while folk dances perform for you. This Baradari Dinner can be arranged at Jaipur and Delhi also.

Jungle Experience

We take you back in time to a typical jungle hunting camp. You are driven in open jeeps to the campsite on the sprawling lawns of the palace where you are welcomed by a tribal chieftain. The call of the wild and sounds of the jungle are complimented by tribal singers and dancers. "Mashaals" (flaming torches) and oil lamps lend a rustic charm to the tents pitched on the site. The food is cooked on spits over a campfire. An elaborate display is set up in front of the hotel. You can have this Jungle Experience at Jaipur.

Grand Rajasthani Soiree

This popular theme is a combination of the Royal Welcome and Rajasthani folk dances. An elaborate bar-be-cue set up on the lawns of the palace, accompanies the celebration and a grand fireworks display especially for you. You can enjoy this at Jaipur.

Elephant Polo

In the land of Maharajas & princes and palaces & forts, the game of elephant polo was one of the ultimate royal experiences. Players are greeted at the palace's sprawling lawns by a royal military brass band. As in yesteryears, your arrival will be accompanied by the beating of "nagadas" (huge Indian drums) and a tableau of horses and camels along with ladies attired in traditional costumes add to the royal welcome, before the start of the game. Folk artists regale the audience with music and dance during the changeover. A sumptuous meal ends this majestic event. This royal game can be arranged for you at Jaipur.

Durbar Theme

You will be dressed in traditional attire with "pagris" (turbans) and "chunnis" (scarves) and welcomed with a shower of rose petals and "attar" (perfume). Traditionally attired attendants serve a sumptuous meal in silver thalis n "bajots" (low tables) are used while you seated on mattresses. We can arrange this dinner for you at Jaipur and Udaipur.

Village Fair Theme

A village setting is created with bamboo huts, benches and stalls. Villagers mingle with guests and display their traditional skills - such as doll-making, puppet-making, pottery, "pichwai" painting and other crafts. Entertainment included "Bandar wala" staging a monkey show, a palmist, a snake charmer, "kachi-ghodi" and "dhamaal" (a performance with a dummy horse, dancers and singers). After a splendid dinner, a fascinating display of fireworks brings a memorable evening to an end. This village fair can be enjoyed at Jaipur and some other places in Rajasthan.

Lily Pond Dinner

You can enjoy a sumptuous buffet consisting of a variety of Chinese, Continental and Indian specialties including fiery curries for the strong hearted and deserts, under the stars beside the picturesque Lily Pond at the Lake Palace (Udaipur). The meal will be accompanied by Indian classical music and folk dance performances. This lovely evening can be organized for you at Udaipur.

Special Evenings at Samode Palace

One of the most awe inspiring Special Evening's that you can witness is at Samode Palace. You will feel like a Maharaja, when you will proceed to the gates of the Palace with a Camel cart procession, which is accompanied by a local band & torch bearers while you are transferred to the Palace on canopied camel carts as a procession through the quaint village of Samode with it's cobbled streets. Upon arrival you will feel the warmth of the traditional Indian hospitality in a Royal style with traditional arti & tikka by ladies dressed in typical Rajasthani attire. You will be greeted at the main entrance of the Palace with decorated horses & camels with men on both the sides and to top it all, a red-carpeted welcome. The moment you enter the gates of the Palace, you will be filled with delight to see the whole of the Palace and Fort, which are lit up with ferry lights, as was done in the olden days to welcome the victorious Maharajas and their legion. After experiencing the warmth of Indian hospitality, you will proceed for the Sheesh Mahal or the Hall of Mirrors - which is embellished by the exquisite craftsmanship of jewelers who have created a wonder in glass. Here you will be treated to a nice glass of Sparkling Champagne, which is followed by an elaborate dinner, and while you eat, in the background you will hear the soft music of the Sitar, which makes your meal all the more sumptuous. Followed by this subtle music, you will witness a performance of Rajasthani folk dances, which for sure you will find enthralling. Last but not the least, you will witness an elaborate display of an array of fireworks, which will bring an end to a wonderful evening. While leaving the Palace, you will be gifted with a memento, which for years to come will bring back fond memories of this Royal extravaganza at the magnificent Samode Palace.

You can enjoy more from Indian culture and cuisine at some other destinations with following themes.

The Mughal Theme

Go back to the historically fabled world of the great Moghuls. "Chobedars" (gatekeepers) usher you to the "dawat-khana" (dining room). Hostesses clad in silken, flowing "shararas" (skirts) and "chunnis" (veils) welcome you with flowers and "attar" (perfume) in the traditional style. Flamboyant folk dances herald a sumptuous spread of Moghlai delicacies, served in manner befitting royalty. We can make this arrangement at Delhi, Agra & Calcutta.

Grand Cruise Dinner

You can enjoy a moonlit cruise on the River Mandovi under Goa's clear skies. Dine on local delicacies under the stars, while enjoying Goan music, enhanced by the sounds of the sea. We can arrange this Goan extravaganza for you at in different hotels at Goa.

Sea Food Bar-be-cue on the beach

Dine under a starlit sky on succulent lobsters, jumbo prawns and other local seafood delicacies, which form part of a delightful bar-be-cue setup on a lovely stretch of the Goan beach. You may also cook your own food on skewers over a camp-fire. A local musician captures the magic of the moment on his guitar strings. This Sea Food Bar-be-cue can be arranged at Goa.

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