Stage Shows In Rajasthan

Stage Shows In Rajasthan

We organize cultural and musical shows where you can enjoy the music and dance performances, by renowned and local artists as well. These shows can be organized at different venues in Rajasthan. The entertaining evenings we arrange, include:
The Classic Shows performances of Indian Classical Music where you can sooth your senses with excellent vocal and instrumental performances given by eminent artists.
Cultural Evenings colorful music and dance performances by popular as well as local artists. Also include magic shows and puppet shows.
Folk Nights include gala performances of folk dance and other entertainments by folk artists.
Crackers Show a bright and colorful show that include 40 to 60 minutes firework presentation.

The Classic Shows

Music is one of the oldest and perhaps the finest form of human expression. Music has always been an important part of our lives but it has become more significance in present day scenario. Music can be a best medium to relieve everyday stress and worries. In an attempt to relieve your tensions and stress we have bring a wonderful experience of Indian classical music. Our live classic music shows include Gayan Vadan (vocal and instrumental) performances of Indian Classical and Hindustani Music by some well-known artists. Vadan or Instrumental shows offer Sitar, Flute/Bansuri, Tabla, Dholak, Mridang, Shehnai etc. performances by various artists and Gayan or vocal shows offer pure raga based singing performances by classical singers. These classic shows can be organized at different venues in Rajasthan.

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Cultural Evenings

India is a land of diversity and every part of country holds a rich and colorful culture. The cultural dances and other entertaining activities are widely performed in the form of performing art throughout India. We organize cultural evenings with the performances of national as well as local artists. These shows include music and dance performances, theme based performances, puppet shows and magic shows etc. We can arrange such colorful evenings for you at different venues in Rajasthan.

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Crackers Show

Crackers show is a display of colorful firework that last for 40 to 60 minutes. Cracker show can be organized as an exclusive event or as an addition to any event in order to make it more colorful. This bright and sparkling show is a real treat to senses and can enhance the beauty of any event.

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Folk Nights

We arrange colorful folk nights with dazzling music and dance performances. Local as well as professional artists can be arranged for these events. You can enjoy wonderful folk dances of Rajasthan and other entertaining performances of folk artists in these shows.

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