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Cooking Classes in Rajasthan

Rajasthan Visit organizes cooking classes for our individual and foreign guests in Rajasthan. There is a minimum six day course which can be taken individually as well as in a group if you intend to bring some more people with you.During these classes your will be taught to cook different Rajasthani dishes with the appropriate use of typical spices and how they are normally used in the kitchen. You will be having a female Professional Indian cook who has many years of cooking experience. Cooking Classes will take place at her private cooking school. During the classes we recommend you to stay with an Indian family to experience the real Indian culture and way of living. We can offer you the accommodation with an Indian family for USD 245 - 350 per person per week (private room in excellent condition in good location with green surrounding with private bath and WC, cold and hot water, all three meals (veg.), Laundry, use of Internet etc.). The Classes will cost you per week (5-6 days) USD 165 per person.Currently we are offering Cooking classes in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan (270 kms from Delhi).

Rajasthani thali
Why learn Rajasthani cuisine ?

Rajasthani cuisine

The cuisine of Rajasthan has been rated by most of the people as one of the best food available. The Rajasthani cuisine is also gaining more popularity due to the rich taste, exotic flavor and healthy preparation. This cuisine has a very good taste which is designed not only to satisfy the taste buds but also the human psychology. The Rajasthani cuisine is easy to prepare, very tasty and can be prepared in less time.

Rajasthani Cuisine

The major ingredient of the Rajasthani or Marwari dishes is the Gram flour or Besan. The gram flour is used to make some of the delicacies like Khata, Gatte Ki Sabzi and Pakodi. Powdered lentils are used for Mangodi and Papad. Bajra and corn are used all over the state in the preparation of Rabdi, Khichdi and Rotis. Some of the famous sweets and desserts of Rajasthan are Laddoos, Malpuas, Jalebies, Rasgullas, Mishri Mawa, Mawa Kachori, Sohan Halwa and Mawa or milk cake.

Rajasthani Sweets
Homestyle cooking Rajasthani style
Posted by Kate Coffey, Canada

Suman had a whole folder of vegetarian recipes to choose from and suggested six recipes that we could easily do, but she also threw in a quick recipe for a few types of lassi and also how to flavour the rice when cooking it.  So that was really eight recipes.  What was also brilliant, was many of the gravies (sauces) are foundational and can be used for other dishes too. I really learned a lot at this class.
If you are ever in Jaipur, a cooking class with Suman is a must!

Rajasthani Cooking Crash Course for Foreigners

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For Further information on the Rajasthani Cooking Classes, Please send us an E-Mail and we would get back  with more detials.

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