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                                                                        Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary
Introduction of Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary

Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary of Rajasthan in India
A fairly new sanctuary, it was established in 1983 and covers a total area of 229 sq km of scrub and dry deciduous forest. The Bhensrod Garh sanctuary is located 55 km west of Kota and covers a total area of 229 sq km of scrub and dry deciduous forest. Bhensrod Garh is one of the new additions in the list of Wildlife Parks or Sanctuaries as protected home to variety of rare as well as endangered animal and bird species. It was setup as a sanctuary in the year 1983. A lot of invaluable archaeological remains have been excavated from here and can also be seen in the Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary. The Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary shelters rare sloth bear, leopard, hyena, jackal, fox, spotted deer and birds in its open degraded forest areas with rocky outcrops adjoining towns, villages and Bhensrod Garh Fort.

Bhensrod Garh Fort is situated on the right bank of the Chambal River at a distance of around 50 Km from Kota. A village lies within the fort and the fort is set amidst scenic surroundings. Bhainsrodhgarh has a 14th century fort which was never besieged by an enemy force. Perched on a ridge overlooking the Chambal River, it is still occupied by the descendents of a feudal family. A prior permission is needed to visit the fort. An ancient temple of Gaipar Nath Mahadev on the way is an idyllic picnic spot is also worth to visit.

Location and Transport of Kota in Rajasthan, India

Bhensrod Garh sanctuary is located about 55 km west of Kota which is situated in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan, in the northwestern part of India. It is situated on the eastern bank of Chambal River and is drained by its tributaries. Kota is on a high sloping tableland forming a part of the Malwa Plateau. The Mokandarra hills run from southeast to northwest axis of the town. Summers are quite hot (April-June) and winters are cool (October-February). This place experiences scant rainfall between June and August.

Kota By Air
Kota does not have an airport of its own. There is a small aerodrome, which is not operational. The nearest airport offering international flights is at Jaipur (239 km away).

Kota By Road
The main bus station in Kota is located on Bundi Road near the eastern bank of the Chambal River. There is a good bus service from Kota to Ajmer (4 hours), Chittorgarh (3 hours), Jaipur (5 hours), Udaipur (5 hours), Jodhpur (6 hours) and Bikaner (8 hours). The district is well attached with neighbouring districts and with major cities outside the state. National highway No.12 (Jaipur—Jabalpur) passes through the district. The total road length in the district is 1,752 km. as of 31 March 2000.

Kota By Train
Kota railway station is situated at the extreme northern end of the town. As Kota is on the main Delhi–Mumbai railway line via Sawai Madhopur, a number of trains pass through and stop here. The trip to Jaipur takes about 5 hours, while it takes 8 hours to reach Delhi from Kota. Delhi—Mumbai railway line passes through the Kota junction. The district has 148.83 km of railway line in the Kota—Ruthia section, 98.72 km on Nagda—Mathura (Mumbai-Delhi) section and 24.26 km on Kota—Chittorgarh section. The broad gauge railway facility between Kota and Jodhpur trough Jaipur was also Launched.


Best Time To Visit Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary
The best time to visit the Bhensrod Garh Sanctuary is from October to May.
                            Leopard in the sanctuary                                       Spotted Deer

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