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Introduction of Trekking

The royal state Rajasthan is well known worldwide for its imperial appeal and wonderful landscapes. It is gifted with various eye catching monuments, elegant forts, marvelous forts, blossoming gardens, exotic wildlife and sanctuaries, attractive lakes, colorful festivals, world class accommodation, yummy Rajasthan cuisines, etc.

Trekking in Rajasthan is one of the most amazing experiences. The stimulate excursions, golden sand dunes and seductive range of Aravali offer the ideal spots for trekking. Mount Abu area, Mewar belt along Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh-Chittaur combine and Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt are the most important destinations for trekking. The best time for trekking in Rajasthan is Winter and monsoon.

Trekking lovers can also visit the well known and only hill station of Rajasthan Mount Abu. Mount Abu is the very attractive hill station of Rajasthan situated in the woody hills. The only hill station of Rajasthan, Mount Abu is more than just a summer retreat. It is the perfect destination for nature lovers and trekking fanatics.

There are many wonderful meadows, dense forests, crystal lakes, waterfalls and rivulets meandering through the countryside. One of the ancient mountain ranges of the world, the Aravallis, extending from north-east to south-west have some charming forest areas.

Trekking and Rajasthan

Trekking and Rajasthan! Sounds strange! But itís true. The topography of this state is such that it provides wonderful opportunities for the trekkers. The desert regions and the hill ranges are ideal for trekking in Rajasthan. Lying in the west of India, the topography of Rajasthan differs from sand-dunes of the desert to the lofty hill ranges of the Aravallis which makes Rajasthan a trekker's paradise.

There are lot of amazing meadows, dense forests, crystal lakes, waterfalls and rivulets meandering through the countryside. One of the old eat mountain ranges of the world, the Aravallis, approaching from northeast to south-west have few wonderful forest areas. Mount Abu, about 1300 mts. above sea level is an ideal locale.ē Trekking route will be from Abu Road to Guru Shikhar (highest peak of Aravali) OR Thandi Beri to Kumbhalgarh fort.

Trekking can make you crazy and if you are crazy then Trekking is made for you!!! Trekking means walk, walk and walk until the leg doesnít points at you conveying you to stop the actual meaning of Trekking in Rajasthan is a mixture of talk and stop or it can also be said that Trekking involves longer journey on leg in the places where mainly there is no or low transportation facilities. People have a mindset that this activity is performed mostly in jungles and on mountainous areas but these are not the only places for trekking as the Rajasthan is also making a significant mark as trekking is also carried at this place that too on larger grounds.

Where Trekking is enjoyed Greatly?

Aravallis, Dense forest, crystal lakes and waterfalls places are the places where Trekking in Rajasthan can be carried. Mount Abu is a place where large number of trekkers visit for enjoying adventure at the greatest. Also the Kumbhalghar comes into picture as this is also one of the most visited and demanded place when the question of trekking in this desert places comes in special highlight.Kumbhaighar is situated in Udaipur which is very convenient form the trekking point of view.

In short we would say that walking long in forest, stepping deep in desert and climbing high on the mountains are the actual structure of Trekking in this place of India which is called as the Pilgrimage of cultures and adventures as well.

Mount Abu

About 1300 mts. Above sea level is a perfect locale. Kumbhalgarh is different area in the Aravllis which is also fine for trekking. Kumbhalgarh is just 90 kms from Udaipur off the Udaipur-Pali-Jodhpur road. Trek upto the historic Kumbhalgarh fort.

There is also a wildlife of the Aravallis. One can trek from Abu road to Guru Shikhar (the highest peak of Aravallis), Thandi Beri to Kumbhalgarh fort or Ranakpur to Rawali Tatgarh. The best time for trekking in Rajasthan is from November to February. But mid-September to end of October is also pleasant. There is ample space for camping under starlit nights or in the Dak Bungalow and Forest Rest House depending on the tourists preference.
If you thought the Himalayas or the Ghats are the only places where trekking is possible, you need to re-think your options, for the hilly areas of Rajasthan as hilly areas of rajasthan provide several days of ideal trekking opportunities. The Mewar belt with the Udaipur-Kumbhalgarh-Chittaur combine, or the area around Mount Abu, or the Sariska-Alwar-Amber belt is excellent for trekking.

Winter is the excellent period for trekking, though the monsoon months provide romantic, green getaways. It is best to trek in a small group, and carry only basic necessities, since provisions can be bought along the way, but do ensure a supply of bottled water. Trekkers can choose to camp in the open countryside, though there are likely to be quaint, personalised hotels available in most areas.

                      Trekking in Rajasthan                          Trekking in Rajasthan

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