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Introduction of Sikar

Sikar is a Historical City and at present district head quarter. Sikar district presents a good many facts for the tourists. Sikar is as much part of Shekhawati as Jhunjhunu. It was the biggest Thikana (Estate) of the Jaipur State. It lie on the highway 11 in the midway on route Bikaner to Agra. It is 116 Km away from the Jaipur, 320 Km from Jodhpur 240 Km from Bikaner and 301 Km. from Delhi. Sikar was the capital town of the Tikana Sikar.

It is escorted all around by the highwalls comprising of seven gates. The primitive name of Sikar was ‘Beer Bhan Ka Bass’. In order of mitigate the enmity on account of the murder of Daulat Singh’s father Jaswant Singh, Bahadur Singh the raja of Khandela gifted the village to Daulat Singh. He laid down the foundation stone of the fort on the raised ground of this village. Later on his son Shiv Singh who was very strong ,clever, courageous and bold made a magnificent fort on it. Shiv Singh was the most prominent Rao Raja of Sikar. He developed the village into a beautiful town. It is surrounded by a strong boundary wall . He was a religious man.


History of Sikar

Sprawling over an area of 7742.44 sq km, Sikar is a district in the state of Rajasthan. Located in the north-eastern part of the state, it is bounded by Jhunjhunu District in the north, in the north-west by Churu District and on the south-west by Nagaur District. On the south-east, the destination is surrounded by Jaipur District, while on the north-east corner lies Mahendragarh District of Haryana.

The administrative headquarters of the region is Sikar city, which is the second most developed city in the state after Jaipur. Historical evidences point to the fact that Sikar was the biggest Thikana of the state of Jaipur and was under the reign of the Shekhawats. Formerly known as Beer Bhan Ka Bass, Sikar served as the capital town of the Thikana Sikar.

Following the murder of Rao Jaswant Singh, father of Rao Daulat Singh of Kasli Thikana, enmity arose between Rao Daulat Singh and Raja Bahadur Singh Shekhawat, who was the Raja of Khandela. In order to end this enmity, Raja Bahadur Singh Shekhawat gifted this village to Rao Daulat Singh.

Later, in 1687, Rao Daulat Singh laid the foundation of new Thikana Sikar at this village. As time passed, the destination was ruled by the several Rao Rajas.
From 1721 to 1748, Sikar was under the control of Rao Shiv Singh, who was the most prominent  King of the region. Sikar, after Shiv Singh was ruled by his heirs namely, Rao Samrath Singh, Rao Nahar Singh, Rao Chand Singh and Rao Devi Singh.

Tourist Attraction in Sikar

Sikar, once the largest Thikana under the Jaipur state, has fine examples of frescoes in the Gopinath, Raghunath and Madan- Mohan Temples. The Shekhawati frescoes provide insights into the growth and development of the People and the region.

Laxmangarh is 30 Km. away from Sikar. It is an important tourist center in the district. Rao Raja of Sikar , Laxman Singh Constructed a Beautiful fort on the Hill in 1862 AD. As well as he also founded a village on his own name as Laxmangarh in 1864 AD. It is said that this town was founded following the Jaipur Town planning system. Laxmangarh has a treasure of shekhawati style of colorful paintings on the Havelies ,Temple and other Buildings.

Fatehpur is 52 Km. Away from Sikar. Fatehpur Town was founded in 1451 by Nawab Fateh Khan the Muslim Kayamkhani ruler and made his Capital. But the Shekhawat rulers captured in after dethroning the Kayam Khani Nabab in 1731 & it was merged into Sikar state as a part of Shekhawati. The Shekhawats ruled over Fatehpur till the country achieved independence. There are so many tourist interesting place in the historical town like fort, Havelies, Temples, Nawabi Bawri, Tanks, Mosques & Cenotaphs which are fully painted in various subjects.

Ramgarh is 74 km. Away from Sikar and 16 km. from Churu. Roa Raja Devi Singh of Sikar founded this town in 1791 with the help of Podar Seth’s. There are number of colorful & beautiful have lies along with temples, cenotaphs & Handicrafts which attracts the tourists at large in these days.

Khatushyamji Temple
Khatushyamji is located 65 Km. away from Sikar & 80 Km. from Jaipur via Reengus. This little village is famous for Shyamji Temple built with white marbles. Ponds for holy dip and Shyam garden is worth visiting.


The legend of this immensely popular Krishna temple can be traced back to the medieval Mahabharat where, Barbareek the son of great Pandav brother Bhim and Nag Kanya (snake princess) displayed his great warrior skills that pleased Lord Shiva who endowed his blessings in the form of Teen Ban (three arrows) and Agni Dev (fire god) gave him a bow, so that he could conquer all the three worlds. In order to watch the famous war of Mahabharat he sat towards the battle field and in between his tryst with a Lord Krishna in disguise become a vital part of the history and thus the incarnation of Khatu Shamji. The lord asked the young Barbareek to sacrifice his head for charity, because otherwise the victory of pandavas would not be possible since he possessed the Teen Bans. The boy maintained his promise of Sheesh Dan as a true Kshatriya but at the same time wished to watch the war and his wish was granted. Later on, his head was buried in Khatu where the king had a dream and was inspired to construct a temple and place the head in a religious manner. Till this date his devotees are blessed by just pronouncing his name from the bottom of their heart with true Samarpan. The devotees from all around the world visit this pilgrimage temple at the time of the mela in the Falgunsudi Ekadasi (Kartik) month. Their devotion and belief simply pours from their conscious belief. The temple today is run by trust and the offerings of the devotees is for the Kripa which the god bestows on his devotees.

Climate of Sikar
Summer - 41.2 degree C 28.7 degree C
Winter - 30.0 degree C 10.5 degree C
Rainfall - 45-60 cms.
Best Season to Visit - September to March



Laxmangarh Fort

Fatehpur Haveli

Fatehpur Haveli

Khatu Shyam Temple

How to Reach Sikar

By Air: The nearest airport is Jaipur – 116 km.

By Rail:
Sikar is connected by Rail with Jaipur, Delhi, Ganganagar, Bikaner, Churu and all the major cities of India along with all the tourist interesting town of Shekhawati region.

By Road:
Sikar is well connected by roads with Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner and other important tourist centers in the Shekhawati.

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