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 Shopping in Rajasthan

So you are in India now ! Well are you looking for artifacts and curios or just little trinkets to remember your trip or carry as presents for loved ones back home?

Gift shopping in India can be hell of a job as India has a wide variety to offer. Our villages and cities are teeming with craftspeople making meticulously designed products which vie for your eyes. They say, " if you start looking for the perfect gift you will never find one" so its better to look around for gifts and then decide what to buy according to your taste and wallet size.

Leather shoes of jodhpur and Barmer, with their fine colourful embroidery along with leather painted lamps and pots from Bikaner are a gift worth having. Painted marble statues from Jaipur and Kishangarh are famous the world over. You can also get marble statuettes, vases and plates, cups and bowls and even a stool made with the finest marble with gold painting in the shops of Rajasthan.

Handwoven durries and carpets is a thriving industry in the state. With intricate designs and fine weaving the floor furnishings are a must for a discerning connoisseurs home. Many will often buy home furnishing in block prints to decorate their homes and thus relive their Indian memories in their rooms back home

Textiles have a rich hue and colour, the block prints and fabrics , bedspreads and light weight quilts make a cuddly gift. rugs and wall paintings made in silk and cotton depicting stories from Rajasthan or dances of lord krishna with Radha are prized gift souvenirs too.

If the wallet allows you may return to India for another shopping spree and hunt for some more treasures like village crafts made of bamboo and other woods, iron , brass or even bronze. i assure you it will be well worth your while...... (by Ms. Shomma Dutt).

Art in Rajasthan touches life at many points. It finds its most natural expression in the region’s diverse handicrafts which have irresistible appeal because of their simplicity, beauty and utility. Utilizing the materials available locally, Rajastha’s craftsmen seek to meet the needs of the people, and in so doing, they give expression to their aesthetic urges and inherited skill. The weaving of muslin, making of rugs and carpets, dyeing and printing of cotton textiles, pottery-making, ivory-carving brass and enamel work are some of the leading crafts of Rajasthan.

The art of printing and dyeing, which has been handed down from father to son for centuries, is notable for simplicity of designs and boldness of colours. Folk motifs, such as, dancing peacocks, stately elephants and camels predominate in the prints. The hand-blocked and printed textiles are put to a variety of uses. They are used as wall hangings and curtains, bed-spreads and table-cloths. They can be made into summer dresses, beach costumes and shirts.

Tie-dyeing is an old art, practised in Jaipur and Kotah. Another popular form of traditional dyeing is the laharia. The sari or the turban dyed in this style resembles a twisted rope when purchased and displays waves of colour when opened.

Being a producer of raw wool, Rajasthan makes a variety of woolen goods. For instance, Bikaner specialises in the making of carpets, rugs, shawls and blankets. Felt, rugs and saddle-cloth come from Jaipur, Jodhpur and Tonk.

Carving in stone and marble is a speciality of Jaipur. Jaipur’s marble sculptures have a reputation for their texture and finish. The materials for these are procured from the marble quarries at Makrana which yield white marble and from Baislana, where black marble is available. Images of deities for temples and homes and ornamental figures for brackets carved by Jaipur craftsmen are in demand all over the country.

Enamelling – the coating of gold ornaments and other metal objects in pleasing colours – is another speciality of Jaipur. Some of the minerals employed by the craftsmen for this purpose are cobalt and sulphate of copper which are mined in the hills near Khetri. The setting of precious stones in delicate jewellery is another craft for which Jaipur is as well known as it is for enameling.
Jodhpur is famous for its footwear (jooti), which are boat-shaped and are made from locally cured leather. Light and comfortable to wear, they are embroidered with silk and gold thread. Sequins occasionally add a pretty sparkle so that Jodhpur footwear make attractive evening shoes.

Articles carved out of ivory and bone are available in Jaipur, Ajmer, Alwar and Bikaner. Bhilwara is noted for its tin ware. Tiny amulets of gold and silver, artistically executed and enamelled are made in Nathdwara for the pilgrims who come to this place. Lacquer work, which is confined to small articles such as toys and bangles, is done in many parts of the region. Udaipur has a flourishing industry in wooden toys. Filigree work, encrustation of metalware and wood carving are among the many other handicrafts for which Rajasthan is renowned.


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