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Sapera Dance

Introduction of Sapera Dance

Kalbelia dance is a folk dance of Rajasthan state of India. It is also very famous by other names like ‘Sapera Dance’ or ‘Snake Charmer Dance’. Kalbelia dance is mainly performed by a Rajasthani tribe called ‘Kalbelia’. This dance is very much popular world wide that Rajasthan’s Kalbelia dance and songs are now in UNESCO’s representative list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity from the year 2010. In Kalbelia dance, males play a variety of traditional instruments and females perform dance.

Sapera dance of Rajasthan is one of the most well-known dances of this state. Sapera dance of Rajasthan is the heart of Rajasthan’s culture and tradition. Kalbelia a formal tribe of Rajasthan invented this dance. Kalbelia is a unique tribe which always moves from one place to another place for their job. So culture of this dance spreads all over the Rajasthan. One of the most exciting dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by the Kalbelia snake-charmer’s society, the sapera dancers wear long, black skirts embellished with silver ribbons.

Kalbelia Sapera Dancers
Moru Sapera Dance Party from Jaipur Rajasthan is one of the most attractive dance Group of Rajasthan.
Snake Dance of Rajasthan

Rajasthan increase your knowledge of Rajasthan folk dances. People of Rajasthan perform Rajasthan dances to express their emotions. These folk dances of Rajasthan show the rich culture and heritage of the land.

Kalbelias worship their lord snake and for this reason they perform Sapera dance in front of a temple of their lord snake. Actually Kalbelia is a tribe of snake charmer. During this dance performance women dancer wear black cloths which well are decorated by silver ribbons. This dance performance need only female dancers who can participate associated with male musicians who made a beat by a attractive musical instrument that was called been.

Women dances in a circle with the beat. When they danced we can not imagine that they are dancing like that of rubber. This feature makes this dance performance some extraordinary from other dance performances of Rajasthan. During dance performance all women dancers wriggling themselves as like snakes with music. It is also known as a name of Kalbeliyai dance. It is the most affective dance performance of this tribe of Rajasthan.

The snake dancers while performing the dance wear long black-colored shirts with silver embroidery. While performing Kalbeliya folk dance, they bend their bodies like a snake. The snake dancers leave audiences fascinated with their interesting dance performance.

The Kalbeliya are known for their ability to attract snakes and their charming Sapera dance. The Kalbeliya folk dance of Rajasthan is performed by women. The Sapera dance performed in black costumes is to request the goddess Kali, which is their supporter god. The Sapera performers stylishly perform the dance with hand mudras and flexibly crooked their bodies. With the pumping up of beats, the dancers cheer up the whole atmosphere and enthrall the heart and soul of every watcher. The Kalbeliya are snake charmers and dancers.

Evolution of Kalbelia Dance

Kalbelia dance is a dance of Kalbelia tribe of Rajasthan. This tribe is a society of Rajasthan which in ancient time move frequently from one place to another rather than staying and building their homes at one place. Kalbelia tribe people are known to have main work of catching snakes and trading snake poison. They are also called Sapera’s or Snake Charmers. Kalbelia folk dance is performed by females on the tunes of been on the occasion of joy in the Kalbelia society. There is not any organized training system or school, manuscripts, and written text to teach and learn Kalbelia songs and Kalbelia dance. This folk art is transferred from generation to generation.

Kalbelia Dance Elements

Kalbelia dance has a traditional musical instruments which is Poongi also called Been. Poongi is a kind of woodwind musical instrument used by Kalbelia tribe to catch snakes. Other traditional musical instruments used by Kalbelia tribe in Kalbelia dance are Dholak, Dufli, Khanjari, Morchang, and Khuralio. When these instruments play altogether with Poongi, they result into a effective and amazing music.

Kalbelia dance main performers are the females dancers who dances and swirl, copying the movements of a snake. Dancers wear a traditional dress of Kalbelia tribe. On the upper body, the female Kalbelia dancers wear Angrakhi. On the head, the female Kalbelia dancers wear Odhani. They wear a long skirt on the lower body which has a wide circumference. This long skirt of Kalbelia dancers is called Lehanga or Ghagra. This complete dress is basically black in color with the red attractive borders. Embroidery from silver thread in various patterns on the black dress resembles a black snake with white spots or white stripes. Mirror work on the dresses of Kalbelia dancers also find many times. Kalbelia dancers wear lot of traditional jewellery.

                           Sapera Dance of Rajasthan                          Sapera Dance of Rajasthan
                                 Kalbelia Dancers                    Kalbelia Dancers from Rajasthan

 Sapera Dance of Rajasthan

A group of Kalbelia Sapera


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