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Pushkar Horse Safari Tour
(13 Days / 12 Nights)
(Delhi-Nawalgarh-Parasrampura-Lohargal-Rewasa-Sujas-Kochor-Sulyas (Ramgarh)-Ghatwa-Shyamgarh-Bhagwanpura-Nawa Salt Lake-Salemabad-Babicha-Mayapur-Charanwas-Pushkar-Delhi)
(to view the route of this tour on a Map please click here)

Day 1:
Flight to India (Delhi)
Today arrival in Delhi transferred to the hotel.

Day 2: Delhi - Nawalgarh (about 265 kms)
Today we drive to Nawalgarh.

Day 3: Nawalgarh
Today we ride on the horses to the country side. Then we visit the havelis of Nawalgarh.


            Nawalgarh                 Nawalgarh               Nawalgarh                  Nawalgarh

Day 4: Nawalgarh - Parasrampura - Lohargal (about 32 kms)
Today will begin with horse safari to Lohargal. Lunch at Parasrampura. After lunch we continue our safari to Lohargal.


Day 5: Lohargal - Rewasa - Sujas (about 38 kms)
Today we ride on our horses to Sujas via Rewasa.


Day 6: Sujas - Kochor - Sulyas (Ramgarh) (about 35 kms)
Today we have horse safari from Sujas to Sulyas. Lunch at Kochor Village. After lunch we continue our safari to Sulyas.


Day 7:
Sulyas - Ghatwa - Shyamgarh (about 42 kms)
Today we have horse safari from Sulyas to Shyamgarh via Ghatwa Village.

Day 8: Shyamgarh - Bhagwanpura - Nawa Salt Lake (about 42 kms)
Today we ride to Nawa Salt Lake via Bhagwanpura.

Day 9: Nawa Salt lake - Salemabad (about 45 kms)
Today we ride on our horses to Salemabad. 
Day 10: Salemabad - Babicha - Mayapur (about 35 kms)
Today we ride through on our horses to Mayapur via Babicha.
            Salemabad              Salemabad                 Salemabad              Salemabad

Day 11: Mayapur - Charanwas - Pushkar (about 30 kms)

Today we ride till Pushkar via Charanwas. 
Day 12: Pushkar
Today horse riding in Pushkar.
Day 13: Pushkar - Delhi
Today we drive to Delhi. In Delhi you will be transferred to the airport or railway station for onwards journey.
(End of Tour)

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