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Nakki Lake Sunset Mount Abu

Introduction of Mount abu

Mount Abu is Rajasthan’s only hill resort, it is situated at an elevation of  3500 feet on the highest peak of the Aravalis. It stretches along a plateau which is about 22 kms long and 6 kms wide. Like other hill stations or ‘Hot Weather Resorts’ it is very popular locally. The surface of Abu is hilly and the views over the plains are very good. Nakki Lake is situated at the heart of the town. According to a legend Nakki Lake was gouged out by a divine finger nail.

Maximum temperature of Mount Abu is about 33.8 degree Celsius in summers and it remains at zero degree Celsius in winters, it even drops below freezing point sometimes. There are several orchids during monsoon in Mount Abu.

History of Mount Abu

Mount Abu has a diverse history. Mount Abu served as a summer resort for the Rajput kings of the region and  was part of the Chauhan kingdom of Rajasthan earlier. Afterwards to use it as the headquarters it was leased by the British government from the Maharaja of Sirohi. It was the favorite summer destination of the British during the British rule in India, British came here to escape the dusty, dry heat of the plains. Mount Abu also served as a sanatorium for the troops. Earlier Mount Abu was the dwelling of various sages and saints. All the gods and goddesses of the Hindu Mythology used to visit this holy mountain according to myths. Famous saint Vashishth lived here and performed a yagna for the purification of the Kshatriyas who were the ancient fighting caste. Spiritual fire rose from this to the powerful Rajputs who later dominated the history of Rajasthan.

The origin of Mount Abu goes back several centuries. Nandini, the cow belonging to the honored sage Vashishtha was once fell into a great lake. Vashishtha requested the gods in the Himalaya to save her and they sent Arbuda, a cobra who carried a rock on his head, dropped it into the lake, displacing the water and saving Nandini. Thereafter the place came to be known as Arbudachala and thereafter it was reduced to its present name - Mount Abu.

Tourist Attraction in Mount Abu

Mount Abu is a famous hill station with various wonderful attractions. Nakki Lake is a scenic lake which is set amidst hills, it is considered to have been carved out by the gods with their nails. Nakki Lake is the only artificial lake in India which is about 1200 meters above sea level; it is a popular spot for boating. Other spots include the amazing Sunset Point, The Vimjala Shah Temple, Stone Cutters Temple, well-known Dilwara Jain Temples, the beautifully carved hill temple of Gaumukh and Toad’s Rock.  The Dilwara temples are finest architectural attraction which were built between 11th and 13th century AD and are equally popular among tourists and pilgrims alike. Dilwara temples are perfect example of Jain temple architecture.

Nakki Lake

Aravalli Range

Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple Marble Elephants

Toad’s Rock

A rock carved by nature, over hangs the placid Nakki Lake and appears to be in the shape of the toad, ready to dive into the lake. It not only filially keeps eye on the love lake Nakki, but majestically surveys the whole town too.

It is an excellent example of igneous rock with breath taking shapes in the cradle of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Together with this wondrous sculpture, chiseled by the three great sculptures, The Sun, The Rain and The Wind, there are many more masterpieces in Mount Abu. Here one can satisfy his visual and spiritual senses by watching and feeling the energy of all the five elements of life in harmony with each other. The Land, Water, Air, Fire (Sun) and Sky.

Toad Rock

Toad Rock from Nakki Lake View

How to get here

By Rail:
Abu is well connected by a good rail network with various cities of Rajasthan and India.

By Road:
There is an extensive service from Mount Abu to various destinations cities of Rajasthan and as well as to various other destinations s of India.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Udaipur which is about 165 kms far away from Mount Abu.


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Map of Mount Abu


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