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Introduction of Madhogarh

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II of Jaipur was a perfect and a complete ruler. He gave to Jaipur, the modernized version of Sports Education Theater, Medicines And Industrial Arts. He married in Madhogarh family and gaveMadhogarh as a hereditary estate to Thakur Pratap Singh Ji a Rajput of Bhati clan. Fort Madhogarh is 400 year old property build by Madho Singh who belongs to a Rajput of Kachava Clan

Thakur Bhawani Singh
Just when the plasters of the fort were pealing off and stoneslabs falling under the ravages of time, the family whose ancestors Thakur Bhawani Singh the fourth generation direct descendant. When he saw his beautiful fortress turning into rubblehe embarkedon the project to convert it into a family run heritage hotel. Launched into a hotel in July 2000, the fort promised a transcendental experience to visitors

Madhogarh Fort

History of Madhogarh

Battle of Tunga - Madhogarh
The decisive battle between Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of Jaipur and Mahadaji Scindia of the Marathas was fought in the plains of Tunga-Madhogarh on 28th July 1787 The battle started at 9 am and .lasted till about one hour after sunset. The combined Rajput army of Jaipur and Jodhpur was about 50,000 strong while the Maratha army was larger, with about 80,000 soldiers.

Benoit De Boigne
The Maratha army had a professionally trained battalion under the command of the famous French General Benoy De Boigne. He was Born into the Leborgne family in Chambery (France) 1751.He led an exemplary career , as a General, training and commanding the Maratha Army. He was the most trusted General of Sindhia's army. He was never beaten. He was an Adventurer, a Great Strategist, and a Subtle diplomat.

Mahadaji Scindia
The Rajput army decisively defeated the Maratha army. In fact the Maratha General, Mahadji Scindia, one of the most gifted military geniuses of the Maratha Army, Contemporary of Mughal Empero Shah Alam. He was granted the title of "Vakil- e- Muttlak" the highest title in the Mughal court at that time. He was forced to abandon the battlefield and leave at night. It was his military competence that prevented Tunga from becoming another Panipat.

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh
The battle of Tunga - Madhogarh was a praise winning event in the life of Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of Jaipur as it was a decisive battle in the series of warfare with the Marathas. He wouldn't have made it without the help of Maharaja Bijay Singh of Jodhpur because he helped him by sending 20 thousand Rathore soldiers. The causalities numbered in thousands. Even today in some fields in Tunga-Madhogarh pieces of rusted equipment and human bones are found.

Tourist Attraction in Madhogarh

Mango Orchard
Is a small belt of sandy plains dotted with mango orchards adjoining Madhogarh this area is attached with the tunga battlefield. There is a famous saying that mangoes in this area are very sweet because they have been nourished with the blood of the martyrs of tunga war.

Nai Ka Nath Temple
Is located 7 km away from Madhogarh. Guests would discover a temple which is famous for historical interest in harmony with the local landscape. The Temple is in the valley which is surrounded by Aravalli hills. Devoted to Lord Shiva , the temple is a place where visitors from all over Madhogarh and nearby villages come and offer prayers .

Step well
Around 1 km from Madhogarh lies the famous step well which is a major source of attraction. These step wells were made in ancient time as reservoirs of water and was used by the local people for cleaning clothes and taking baths. the well have 5 floors underground. The monument is best seen around noon, when sunlight penetrates the bottom of the five-storey square well shaft, making the exquisite sculptures, visible.

Old Shiv Temple
There is a Shiva temple nearby with a mesmerizing idol of lord Shiva with Parvati sitting in his lap. This is a rare idol and a must watch.

Nai Ka Nath Temple
Every Monday a fair is held near the temple and a fair of grand scale is there on Maha Shivratri People from nearby villages come in thousands by buses, camels, cycles cart and whatever mode of transport is available to offer their prayers to Shiva. One can also view saints meditating. A trip to this temple is a must and one can have a picnic trip to a nearby pond of water.

Madhogarh Fort

Madhogarh Fort

How to Reach Madhogarh

Madhogarh is located 42 kms from Jaipur, off the Jaipur-Agra highway (NH 11).


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