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Introduction of Khimsar

Khimsar is a small village which is located about 92 km on the highway from Jodhpur to Bikaner in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan. Khimsar is part of the Nagaur District which is situated between Jodhpur and Bikaner. To explore the district of Nagaur the desert village of Khimsar provides an excellent starting point and also offers an attractive insight into the rural life of the desert people. The old city of Khimsar harbors several mosques, one of which was commissioned by Emperor Akbar. Every year Nagaur Cattle Fair attracts thousands of tourists which is a major tourist attraction. Khimsar has a moderate climate. The temperature is about 38.1º Celsius in Summers and in winters it is about 5.5º Celsius. Common languages which are spoken in Khimsar are: English, Hindi, Rajasthani and Marwari.

History of Khimsar

Khimsar is situated on the highway from Jodhpur to Bikaner, Khimsar was once a small kingdom which was established by a scion of the house of Jodhpur. Thakurs of Khimsar claim that it was not only an individual entity, though Jodhpur royalty claim it was never independent. One of the visitors to their ancestral fort was Emperor Aurangzeb himself. Initially the foundation of the fort started in 1523. After ladies wing was built in the fort in 18th century then the family moved in to the fort.
In 1940s the present occupant of the fort, Thakur Onkar Singh constructed a regal wing for himself in 1940s. That fort is still the pride of Khimsar today. The fort is about 450 years old, presently it is home to the 18th, 19th, and 20th generations of the Khimsar thakurs.

Tourist attractions in Khimsar

Khimsar Fort is the prominent tourist attraction in Khimsar. Construction of the Khimsar Fort began in 1523 AD. Architecture of Khimsar fort offers great heterogeneity. Khimsar fort was founded by Rao Karamsiji, the 8th son of the Jodhpur founder, Rao Jodha, who moved to this region and founded the royal dynasty at Khimsar. Initially, the fort walls, turrets, and stables were constructed around the beginning of the 16th century and were built solely for war. A new zenana or ladies residence was constructed in mid 18th century, the royal family moved in this. For providing purdah or veil for the ladies in waiting carved windows in stone were constructed in this section. Thakur Onkar Singh who was the 17th direct descendant of Rao Karamsi (the original builder of the fort) and the present chief built a royal additional wing for himself in 1940. Presently, this fort ranks amongst the premier Heritage Hotels of India. Khimsar Fort is a prestigious heritage hotel and offers luxurious accommodation. The palace inside the fort is painted in vibrant colors, it is a feast for the eyes with its courtyards, gardens and fountains.

Sand Dunes Village

Sand Dunes Village



Camel Ride Sand Dunes Village

Village Temple

Bar Khimsar Fort

Bedroom Khimsar Fort

Bar Khimsar Fort

Cultural Program in Khimsar Fort

Seating Hall Khimsar Fort

Swimming Khimsar Fort

How to Reach Khimsar

By Rail:
Jodhpur is the main railway junction for Khimsar on the Western Railway broad-gauge network. Jodhpur is well-connected to various centers in the region by express and passenger trains. Jaipur, Agra, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ahmedabad and New Delhi are some of the important cities that are connected with Jodhpur through rail. Nagaur and Osian are two other rail-heads, but these do not lie on trunk routes and are connected by local passenger trains.

By Road:

Khimsar is well-connected by road to various other important tourist destinations including Nagaur, Jodhpur and Bikaner.

By Air:
From Khimsar the nearest airport is Jodhpur which is about 92 kms far away, Khimsar is linked by regular flights with Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai.

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