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Kathak Dance

Introduction of Kathak Dance

Kathak Dance is a well-known and luminous dance form of Rajasthan India. It is the 6th most popular dance of India and Jaipur gharana of Rajasthan is one of the well known Gharanas of India which is well-known for Kathak Dance in Rajasthan and it is distinctive Dance men and women both perform this type of Dance. Jaipur gharana developed a unique style and pure Kathak dance.

Kathak Dance Dancers dress traditional colourful dresses during Dance. The traditional set of clothes for the male kathak dancers is the Dhoti joined in the Bengal style that is with several folds and a Fan finish to one of the ends. There is the option of wearing a man’s bandi too. The Mughal dress for male Kathak dancers is kurta-churidar.Men kathak dancers also wear an angarkha and the particular older variety costumes comprise the small peaked cap too. A women kathak dancer wears a traditional costume, consisting a of a saree whether worn in an everyday style or tied up to allow greater freedom of movement during dance, mostly a female kathak dancer wears a Lehanga-choli combination with an optional odhni or veil, the Lehanga is loose ankle-length shirt and the choli is a tight fitting blouse of different colour generally short sleeved.

Elements of Kathak Dance

There are two main techniques of Kathak dance. These techniques are as follows-
1) Nrittya which means pure dance and
2) Abhinaya which mean expressions

These techniques are as follows-.
1) Nrittya technique-In Nrittya technique, there is a structure and dancer pays more importance on foot movements.
2) Abhinaya technique-In Abhinaya type of Kathak, dancer gave more importance on the feeling by showing expressions
Themes of the Kathak dance comes from our Daily Life like carrying water in a pot from well or walking elegantly.

Occasion of Kathak Dance

The Kathak Dance can be performed at the time of any big celebration or any cultural programme night in rajasthan India.Kathak Dance is very attractive Dance of Rajasthan. The background classical music play with tabla, sarangi, and sitar etc. Kathak Dance is a very beautiful dance of rajasthan.

Accessories of Kathak Dance

The usage of ghunghroo is very significant for the dancers In Kathak dance. The dancers tie these small bells around their ankles. The Kathak bells are different from those of other different Dance style, as they are not fixed to a pad or narrow piece of leather, but rather they are separately woven along a deep string (long fiber). The usual number of bells that is worn by kathak dancers is 100 on each ankle, although during the initial stages of learning or for childrens, 25 and 50 belled strings are available and allowed so that with time they get familiarized to the weight of the bells.

Evolution of Kathak dance

Kathak Dance gets its name from the word Katha which means ‘story’. So Kathak is essentially an art of story telling with the help of attractive body movements. Kathak Dance was developed in the Jaipur Gharana with a Unique Regional style and Pure Dance.

Kathak Dance theme comes from our daily life like carrying water in a pot from well or walking elegantly. The themes of historical mythological characters find a famous place in the Kathak dancer’s collection.

The story of Kathak begins in ancient times with the performances of specialized story-tellers called kathakas who narrate or sang stories from epics and traditions with some elements of dance. Initially kathak was performed in the temples in honor of Lord and also has the influence of Bhakti movement. After some time this art move from devotion to entertainment.

                   Kathak Rajasthani Folk Dance                           Kathak Dance of Rajasthan
                      Kathak Dance of Rajasthan                           Kathak Dance of Rajasthan
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