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                                                                              Horse Safari
Introduction of Horse Safari

One of the important part of cultural life of Rajasthan is Horse safaris.Horse Safaris is also one of the popular safari among the tourists in Rajasthan. These are normally conducted on the hilly terrain, country side, magnificent forts, fascinating temples, picturesque locales, etc. To experience the Rajasthan on the back of horse gives the feeling of belonging to a different age, in a timeless and ancient land. Horses of Rajasthan which are known for their intelligence and loyalty are Marwari horses.

To ride back on the Marwari horses is definitely a great experience to the tourists. Horse safaris are most excellent for discovering natural beauty of the state. Udaipur, Ajmer and Samode are best areas to enjoy horse safaris in Rajasthan. As far as horse safari is enjoyed in Rajasthan then Mandawa is the best place to do such an activity. You can view Fort Mandawa Castle is the main attraction of the city along with many frescoed havelis. With a horse safari you can explore in and around Mandawa town in very useful and simplest way.

Rajasthan - a mystical land with breathtakingly wonderful landscapes and attractive history, art and culture of a people known throughout the world for their legends of valour romance, chivalry and heroism. Rajasthan is a land of sand dunes, wooded hills, lakes, marvelous palaces, rugged forts men and women in colorful turbans and skirts bustling towns and quite villages camels, horses and different type of wildlife, bright sunlight and cool evening breeze , it is a land of amazing contrasts that are bound to take you by surprise when you expect it least. Its only by sitting on the Horse back we can see and experience the best way of it. Indian Travel Destinations create all the arrangements for Horse Safari in Rajasthan. We have been organizing safaris on horseback in different regions of rajasthan between the month of October - March the horses we use for safari are all well trained.

Rajasthan horse safari is one of the most excellent ways to explore this state. Tracks speckled with cenotaphs and tombstones of the heroic and gallant warriors of Rajasthan serve as perfect trails for horse safaris. Passing through the exotic villages and visiting magnificent forts and temples are few other attractions of a horse safari tour of Rajasthan. Campfires in the evening with entertainment in the shape of local folk dance and music also add to the appeal of horse safaris in Rajasthan. The nights are spent in ancient palaces and Garhs (small forts), which includes all the modern amenities.

The Royal Horse Safari

The Royal Horse Safaris are mainly conducted in the vicinity of Desert Wildlife, Hilly Terrain and Forested Rural Rajasthan. These are ideal places to halt for a much-deserved rest and relaxation or lunch and a speedy snooze. Riders are advised to ready themselves with riding gear-the famous Jodhpuri Breeches, Hat, and Boots. As per your capability to ride, the horses may trot or canter through the countryside. What matters most, is that each evening, you are assured of the pleasure of ancient palaces and forts no better or more historic and of course a royal way of exploring Rajasthan is made possible for the adventure seekers. A great enthusiasm is generated in the local populace when they see tourists on horseback.

We can ensure you that a trot through the royal trails of Rajasthan with Royal Horse Safari will be a truly exciting once in a lifetime experience, a unique opportunity to enjoy the real India-known as the “ Land of the Princes”, away from the mass tourist circuits, visit the state in India that has everything but the sea, enchanting lakes and garden’s, majestic forts, palaces, shimmering sands and the eternally enduring Aravalli Mountains. Routes are chosen to provide a wide range of riding conditions to visit places of special interest (i.e. Jain Temples of Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh “ Cloud Palace” and “ Great wall”) see remote villages and their lifestyle, festivals, fairs and the wonderful Wildlife of Rajasthan. Riders may find themselves in jungle scrub, in soft sand, in a lush green valley or on a steep hillside all within the space of few days. Guest may live in well equipped camps, hotels, castles, forts (Garhs) or personal home (Rawla) of the Rajputs and lastly the Hospitality of Marwar, Rajasthan state is well known for hospitality.

Rajasthan has wildlife in abundance, Depending upon the route taken and the season one may see wild animals i.e. panther, bear, camels, crocodiles, eagles, vulture, green parrots, peacock and other exotic birds, blue bull, antelope, sambar and wild boar though these animals are now very few and almost limited to wildlife reserves. Riders on long safaris should be reasonable experienced and prepared for four to seven hours in the saddle each day. Safari groups must include between eight and twenty riders along with guides.

Famous Places for Horse Safari in Rajasthan

Some of the places famous for horse safaris in Rajasthan are:


Ranakpur is located in Pali and once served as the hunting lodge of the Royal Family of Mewar. This resort houses the Imperial Stud farm, along with a special tented village, a small private lake and a deer park. The surroundings of the resort offer a number of options for daylong safaris. Another attraction of this horse safari tour in Rajasthan is a campfire dinner with folk dances.

During the day enjoy the horse safari ride between Ranakpur and Narlai.


Set amidst the Aravalli Hills, This little garrison fort was once a major principality of the Royal house of Marwar. Bestowed with the title of Rao, the nobles looked after this little fiefdom for about Two centuries after its foundation in the 18th century.
Sojat city, is located on the left bank of the sukri river near Pail town, called as Tamravati in the ancient times, the fort has a big reservoir and many temples like Sejal Mata, Chaturbhuj and much more. The old temple of chamunda Mata situated on the top of the hillooks. Dargah of Pir Mastan is the major attraction at the time of Urs – the Muslim festival. One of the main attraction of this city is the plantation of mehandi trees, a herbal plant where the leaves are squashed into a thin paste and supplied on the hands and the feet in different attractive designs. This traditional art form is now known all over the world and is internationally adopted in the fashion circuit. Many of the foreign and tourists who wants to cross this particular route towards Udaipur or Mount Abu often takes a break and get there palms and feet decorated by the mehndi of Sojat as it is very well known across the country.

As soon as you enter Pushkar the smell of resuvities will engulf your senses the colours would be spread around the village. You will see the best varities of domestic animals, horse, outlooks and other cattle in the fair round.

                          Rajasthan Horse Safari                           Rajasthan Horse Safari
                           Rajasthan Horse Safari                            Rajasthan Horse Safari  

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