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Introduction of Golfing

In India, you can play golf almost anywhere, for this outdoors sport is broadly played by a cross section of people to the country's often remarkable surroundings. In the hills and high Himalayan fastnesses, in metropolitan cities and in small towns, by lakes and forests, or enclosed by tea estates, out in the desert and in old British cantonments. The flavour of India is able to be seen everywhere that golf in the country is played. You can stroll off the way to share a cup of piping hot tea at a 'dhaba', tee off from the world's highest 18-hole course in the world, watch a peacock dance on a green or play on a course that is enriched by old monuments and beautiful buildings. In India, anything is possible, and golf here will enable you to experience the country in its own, distinctive style.

The golf was the gentlemen’s game and was popular in British India. It was only in Jaipur that as a part of the large scale palace renovations undertaken by Maharaja Man Singh, a golf-course was added to the city. The 18-hole golf-course is the only golf-course in Jaipur and Rajasthan, which are maintained in the picturesque surroundings. A golf course in Bikaner is different from the golf-course in Jaipur as this course exists in the desert terrain, and even the ‘greens’ have been replaced by ‘browns’ which are very unusual.

Golf In Rajasthan

At Rambagh Palace Golf Playing Is enjoyed in Rajasthan. The Rambagh Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan is the earlier residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur and at this time its a luxury Taj Palace Hotel, situated at 5 miles (8.0 km) outside of the walls of the city of Jaipur on Bhawani Singh Road.

Rambagh Golf Club, Jaipur is an eighteen-hole course. Some of the most excellent polo matches were played in this golf course during the time of his royal highness Sawai Man Singh 2. The Rambagh Golf club is enclosed by Gayatri Devi’s palace. It is a vital golf club in Jaipur; it is a part of Rambagh palace Hotel which was once the residence of the Maharaja. Sawai Maan Singh. The club is well linked by means of air, rail and road. The club is very profounded on organizing tournaments round the year. These tournaments give platform for emerging talents. The club is recognized by Indian Golf Union. So, tourists who love to play golf can reside here or can contact the Golf Club officials.

Golfing comes in the range of complicated games category. This is a heritage game that came into picture long back. This game got special emphasize In the century of kings and their kingdoms. By saying this we are not over stating this game as this game reflects high class and standard, and after reading and knowing this game in deep you might also say the same thing.

Many places are developed to enjoy the fun involved in golfing and in the entire range of places Golfing in Rajasthan is covering unusual spot light. A large green platform prepared of dew grass, some small wholes made every where on the ground keeping some conditions in mind, A long and sleek stick with a cure on the bottom and A small and smoothie ball are the key non realistic players of this games. These four thing when are listed are not the only which can perform the golfing game with efficiency as the realistic player needs a special emphasize in this process. Rajasthan desert place and also a palace place, as the palaces are built up at this place then it is quite certain that the golfing platform may also be too bigger at this place. And also the extraordinary mark by the golf gaming agencies has been made by the same due to which Golfing in Rajasthan is enjoying increasing significance these days.

Initial we had said that ‘Golfing is not gulp gaming for many’ we said this, because the level of involvement and practice which this game demands is higher but also make a point that the joy and adventure offered by the same makes you to play the same game again. So are you planning to enjoy Golfing in Rajasthan?

Places for golfing

Especially palaces where golfing is licensed are more of all Jaipur and Udaipur. These are the place where large sized licensed golfing paradises are situated due to which paling this game becomes easier and also pleasurable.

Take a tour! Open a Door! Enjoy the game and lots more!!


                          Rajasthan Golfing                        Rajasthan Golfing
                        Rajasthan Golfing                           Rajasthan Golfing

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