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                                                                                 Furniture and Wood
Introduction of Furniture and Wood

Rajasthani Furniture
Rajasthani furniture handcrafted by gifted artists, represent the rich cultural heritage of the state. Chairs, tables, beds etc, designed elaborately by Rajasthanis have found a place among hotels, homes, resorts and restaurants across the whole country. They are mainly popular due to the rich and ethnic look provided by them. This furniture, illustrated by traditional floral patterns and latticework, has support many Indian homes since its beginning. The patterns are mostly affected by Mughal art. Rajasthani marble furniture is a sign of unparalleled style and class.

Wood of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is not only known for its desert but wood work also. The existence of jungles in some parts of Rajasthan like Jaipur, Banswara, Kota, and Udaipur have opened plenty of opportunities for its craftsmen to generate wood items like toys, furniture, and house-hold articles. Wood work industry had developed in Rajasthan due to the ruler’s support and many artists of Pratapgarh Udaipur, and Bassi made their name in their relevant works. Being of wood, the artistic pieces do not survive for long like other antiques but we have some attractive and creative wood work master pieces of 17th and 18th centuries in several museums of Rajasthan. The palaces of former rulers and house of rich people still love this art and give a brief look of artistic work of this industry.

Wood carving was relatively well-known in medieval Rajasthan. The main doors of houses in Rajasthan show the beautiful style of wood carving that exist.The art work on the doors and other wooden items was simple but detailed. Bikaner was an example where the doors of the palaces were wonderfully decorated with ivory. The impact of Mughal craftsmen was so much that they were popularly known as ‘Akbari Mughal Rajput style doors’. Such patterns as those of rosettes, peacocks, lotuses, betels, parrots and medallions reveal both the influences of Hindu and Muslim cultures. The doors of temples and palaces have a wonderful look. Among the palace doors, those of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur and Jaisalmer are most exquisite being decorated with ivory.

Jaipur has now become centre for producing wood furniture including modern trends. Its oriental furniture attracts very much attention in foreign markets. The art of coloring called as Nakshi work is distinctive on some of the wooden articles. The devices of music like Violin, Veena, harmonium, and flute are quite popular in domestic as well as foreign markets and are produced in large quantity.

The simple living and serious measures taken by ancient Indians have not much helped in developing the art of furniture. But with the advent of Mughals, the rich people and nobles follow them and encouraged this art by supporting the many artists. Pipar city and Bhari Sujanpur in Pali district are well-known centers for preparing paper-thin bowls (Kamandlus) for the use of Jain Munis from Rohida wood.

Rohida wood is used in constructing fantastic wooden articles in Barmer, a border district of Rajasthan. The arts on the doors, roofs, cradles, tables, and cots are unparallel in beauty.Jaalis, that is, windows, doors arches, screens and walls have been popular in Rajasthan architecture. The wood workers at Bikaner have encouraged this art. Udaipur is a famous centre for wooden toys.

Sandal wood art of Rajasthan very closely estimate the ivory items of the region. From the selection of theme to the style of size and representation, they look as if one is the counter-part of the other. The art forms signify mythological figure, figure of various animals like camel, elephant, horse, peacock and vegetable patterns. The well-known sandal wood articles sold are Radha Krishan Figures, Towers of Victory of Chittorgarh lamps, and traditional folk characters like Dhola-Maru. Jaipur, Udaipur and Bharatpur are the main producing centers of this craft.

Special Features of Rajasthani Furniture

The range of paintings of the Rajasthani furniture is one of the special features of Rajasthani furniture. These paintings are flexible having very distinctive styles of their own as these paintings are examples of rich craftsmanship. The antique attraction of the state is best obvious in the craftsmanship of the artisans from Jodhpur. The color scheme is mainly traditional, bringing the impact of rich cultural heritage to the forefront. Furniture from Kishangarh has paintings which are heavily encouraged by the Mughal artwork.

Types of Rajasthani Furniture

There is a variety of colourful furniture for your house. Tables, Chairs, paneled screens, beds, mirror frames, television cabinets, wine racks, stools, end tables, DVD cabinets, cupboards, wooden sofa, and almirah are some of the things that are available. The beautiful Meenakari patterns on temples, wall brackets and drawers are also very famous in Rajasthan.

Where to Buy Rajasthani Furniture?

Jodhpur is well-known for Rajasthani wood furniture. Search for the real cane furniture in Ajmer. Delhi, Mumbai, Faridabad, and Noida have some stores as well. In Delhi you will find the stores at Jagat Puri, Greater Kailash, Panchkuian Road and Mehrauli...There are some stores at Jaipur and Udaipur which supply Rajasthani marble furniture.

How Rajasthani Furniture is prepared

The handcrafted furniture is painted after they are prepared. Then the coat of polish acts as the final touch. The making of the Rajasthani silver furniture involves the following steps:
1. Decoration of silver work
2. Chasing
3. Embossing and
4. Engraving
All this is done with the help of steel hammer. The final product is only attained after the ornamental patterns are rendered with punch tools.

Materials Used in Rajasthani Furniture

• Wood is the main material that goes into making Rajasthani furniture. Jaipur specially makes furniture out of mango wood, acacia wood, shisham wood etc.
• Shekhawati furniture made of Babool, Sheesham and mango is well known.
• Cities like Jaipur and Udaipur have connected modern and traditional elements in the craft to improve its appeal. In fact Jaipur’s woodwork is slowly gaining impetus in the foreign markets as well!
• Tilonia specializes in leather-embroidered chairs.
• The silver furniture of Rajasthan decorates its royal palaces. Sofa sets, love seat chairs, swings, temples, chairs all come in silver making way for delicious cynosure!
• Iron, copper and brass are also used.
• Paint is another material used in Rajasthani furniture. In fact it is difficult to come across any Rajasthani furniture without hand painted patterns on them.


                                                                                      WoodWork of Rajasthan
                                                                                   WoodWork of Rajasthan
                           Furniture Work of Rajasthan                      Furniture Work of Rajasthan

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