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Introduction of Durrie

The Durrie is a unique type of carpet manufactured in Rajasthan. It is a simple carpet that was once used as an underlay, but at present it has become one of the state’s very popular weaving customs. Weavers sit on looms in towns, constructing a remarkable blend of designs-mostly geometric sometimes floral-in an exciting mixture of colours.The camelhair, woolen Durrie too is available in areas such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer that are made from cotton yarn.Namdahs or felted carpets are manufactured, in areas around tonk.

Rajasthan is a shopper’s heaven in regards to carpet stores. The bright use of colors and the perfect patterns weaving make them famous among the tourists. Even if one is not buying them he or she can check out the product for its supreme beauty. Therefore no one can disregard the fact that Rajasthan is full of skillful artisans. They are available in various sizes to Suit the purpose of the buyers. The carpets have a soft feel and the brilliant use of colors can change the interior of any house. The best part about the carpets is that they are available in lower prices at Rajasthan as compared to other parts of the country and are available in both silk and cotton fabric. That’s the main reason why these carpets and durries (rugs) of Rajasthan are so famous.

Booming Centre for Carpet and Durries

A Durrie is a cool, light carpet. Rajasthani durries are soft and strongly woven. Light shade and a thin use of geometrical patterns are famous. Durrie weaving is also a craft particular to Rajasthan. Durries, of Ramgarh,  woven with a cotton warp and left are particularly rich in pattern, and and instead of having conveniently light weight, give a luxurious carpet like effect. Jaipur is a booming centre for carpets and durries today.

Rugs/ Durries are thick cotton floor spreads that are finely woven incorporating attractive patterns. Mainly Rugs are woven in the villages around Jodhpur; these are made using very wonderful light colors.

Manufacturing of Durries

Durries are prepared manually by skilled artisans on a traditional horizontal loom or vertical loom.In Rajasthan pit looms are also used for weaving in which weaver sits in a pit and feet are used in weaving. Durries prepared in Rajasthan at Salawas are known as Panja durries and are exported on large scale material.
Durries are made from four types of materials:
1. Cotton
2. Wool
3. Jute
4. Silk
And in variety of combination of all these materials. This material is first transformed into fiber and then woven into durries.

In the weaver’s village of Salawas, in Rajasthan the craftsmen make traditional Durries (woven rugs). In the weaver’s village of Salawas,in Rajasthan there was the master rug maker Roopraj Prajapati at the Roopraj Durry Udhyog Cooperative.The Durry (or Durrie) is woven in such a way as to make it fully changeable. They are usually woven in cotton but the craftsmen also use silk, wool, goat hair and camel hair. The weavers work on a flat loom and only use a blade and a pick as tools. A broad variety of traditional patterns are formed, most designs are derived from the Marwar culture to which the villagers belong.


                                  Durrie of Rajasthan                            Durrie of Rajasthan                      

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