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Dilwara Temple of Mount Abu

Dilwara Jain temples are very prominent attractions of Mount Abu,   situated about 5 kms from the town centre, are Mount Abuís finest architectural attraction and are equally popular among tourists and pilgrims alike. The complex of the temple is surrounded by high walls. The entrance on the left of the temple is known as Chaumukha or Stone Cutters Temple, which is said to have been built free of charge by the masons in their free time. It is in a mixture of 13th and 15th century styles and is generally regarded as inferior to the two main temples. Along the entrance avenue on the right there is a statue of Ganes which is very popular among the merchants of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Directly ahead is the Vimala Shah Temple. The entrance is shaded by a champak tree with its yellow musky flowers. Kama the God of physical love applied the oil of the Champak flowers to its arrows. The pilgrims by offering these symbols of sensual desire, demonstrates a willingness to surrender to the Gods.

Dilwara Jain Temple

The temples at Mount Abu were built between 800 AD to 1200 AD.  Jain temples at Mount Abu are built in the Nagara style of temple architecture. Dilwara Jain temples demonstrate the amazing work of marble for which it is well known and were devoted to the Jain tirthankars. The ground floor of the temples has a colonnaded hall in which there is a shrine of 23rd Trithankara. Dilwara Jain temples were considered as one of the holy sites for Jains which truly conveys the values of Jains like their simplicity and honesty. In 1032 A D, first Jain temple of Dilwara was founded by Vimala Shah.

Mahaveer Swami Temple
Mahaveer Swami temple was founded in 1582 AD, it is a very small temple. On the walls of the temple the images of Lord Mahaveer is there. . This temple is also fully dedicated to Jain Tirthankara Lord Mahaveer.

Pittalhar Temple
Pittalhar temple was founded by Bhima Shah who was a minister of Sultan Begada of Ahmedabad. A large metal statue of the Rishab Dev Adinath is inside the temple which spreads in five metals. 'Pital' is used to construct this statue so this temple is known as "Pittalhar Temple". This temple also houses Navchowki, Garbhagriha and Gudh Mandap. This temple is also famous by the name of Shri Rishabh Deoji temple.

Luna Vashi or the Teja Pala Temple
Luna Vashi temple was founded 1230 AD by Tej Pala and Vastu Pala who were two brothers. Luna Vashi temple is devoted to Shri Nemi Nathji. This temple attracts a visitor with the beautiful architectural style of the temple in which it was built. This temple is constructed in the Solanki style of architecture. One of the remarkable feature of this temple is its dome which stands on 8 pillars. This dome of the temple has very beautiful statues which are decorated perfectly which looks like a cluster of half open lotuses.

Other most prominent attraction of this temple is the principal cell which is known as Grabagriha, huge idol of Neminath is disclosed when this cell is lighted. Also there are total of 39 cells each of which exhibits one or more images. In the front of the cell, the ceiling is decorated very perfectly. The relief at the entrances of the cell disclose some of the important scenes from the life of Neminath.

Another important attraction of the temple is the elephant cell or Hathishala which exhibits about 10 beautiful marble elephants. These elephants are decorated very perfectly and are modeled very practically. Earlier these elephants carried the idols which depicts the family of Vastu Pala. There are about ten slabs behind the elephants which bears a figure of male and female.

Vimala Vashi temple
It is on of the oldest and most prominent among the other temple among the other temples. The entrance of the temple contains an image of Mahavira. He is naked and the energy centres on his body are picked out and the most important of these is the heart chakra or srivasta. On the left of the shrine there is a water marble tablet showing Mahavira which is surrounded by other Trithankaras. The whole temple is ornamented with white marble. The main hall of the temple contains an image of Adinath placed in the Gudh Mandap., the main part of the temple is one of the early examples of Jain style. The temple is set within a rectangular court lined with a row of small shrines and a double colonnade. The main glory of the architecture is its ornate and exuberant decoration. The3 layout of the temple is similar to that of Gujarati Hindu Temple.

Parshavanath Temple
Parshavanath Temple was founded in 1458-59 AD. It is a three storeyed temple which is one of the tallest temple at Dilwara. This temple is also called Khartar Vashi temple. It is devoted to Lord Parshavnath. All the four faces of the chamber on the ground floor of the temple have 4 big mandaps. Outer walls of the temple are decorated with amazing statues of Yakshinis, Shalabhanjikas, Dikpals, Vidhyadevis etc and other beautiful carvings which are fully ornamented.

Dilwara Jain Temple Marble Elephants

Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple Sculpture

Dilwara Jain Temple Pillars Frescoes

Dilwara Jain Temple Ceiling

Dilwara Jain Temple Pillars Frescoes

Dilwara Jain Temple Sculpture

Dilwara Jain Temple Sculpture


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