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Introduction of Carpets

By tradition Carpets of Rajasthan are famous for fine-quality hand-knotted woolen Fibers. Carpets first began to be produced in Rajasthan when weavers from Afghanistan were popularized in the royal workshops in the 17th century. Ever since, they have grown here, with their cheerful colors and geometric patterns finding their way into showrooms around the world. Naturally they are available in the bazaars at a price far lower as compared to their price in the stores overseas.

Hand tied carpets have floral or angular patterns.These carpets are well-known for their high quality of craftsmanship and are colour-fast. Each is a luck that lasts a lifetime.From Bikaner and Torik come also the gaily (in bright colours) patterned felt 'numdahs' or smallcarpets.Carpet weaving is not native to India but brought in by the Mughals. With the ending of the late 16th century, Indian carpet weavers were producing better examples as compared with the supreme products of Persia. The rulers of Amber-Jaipur took a great concern in carpets and built up a huge collection of 16th and 17th century Persian and Mughal carpets. The carpet industry in Jaipur started only in the mid 19th century when carpet making was introduced as a jail craft. Ajmer and Bikaner were also selected as carpet weaving centers.

Places for Wonderful Carpets

Jaipur, Bikaner, and Ajmer are the most significant places for wonderful carpets. Carpets are also found in smaller towns like Tonk, Chaksu, Manaharpura, and Barmer.Some of the patterns used are little roselike marking of indo-Heratic basis the colours found are blue, red and purplish.The other mixture is light green and deep blue. The border patterns comprise bold flowers and long saw -like leaves.

Manufacture of Carpets in Rajasthan

In Rajasthan first the manufacture of carpets started in the 17th century when weavers from Afghanistan started to settle in the royal ateliers. Ever since they have grown here, with their cheerful colours and geometric patterns finding their way into showrooms across the globe. Normally they are available in the bazaars at a price which is much lower as compared to their price in the overseas stores.

Rajasthan is a shopper’s heaven in regards to carpet stores. The brilliant use of colors and the sound patterns weaving make them fashionable among the tourists. Even if one is not buying them he or she can check out the product for its absolute beauty. Therefore no one can disregard the reality that Rajasthan is full of skillful artisans. Carpets and durries The carpets have a soft feel and the brilliant use of colors can change the center of any house. They are available in different sizes to suit the purpose of the buyers. The most excellent part about the carpets is that they are available in lower prices at Rajasthan as compared to other parts of the country and are available in both cotton and silk fabric. That's the main reason why these carpets and durries (rugs) of Rajasthan are so prominent.

Different Types of Carpets in Rajasthan

The traditional carpets of Rajasthan follow mehrab, charkona, dushala, and shikar patterns. Otherwise the designs are obliqued towards the indo-Persian. The carpets which are made in indo-Kerman patterns in Rajasthan has ivory or cream as the background colour with floral pattern all over or in the center. Complex carpets want 400 to 600 knots per inch, and are not woven any more; simple carpets with counts of 16 to 36 knots are woven in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has a powerful wool base as it commands 50% of total wool construction in India and there is enormous scope for distributing this craft in rural areas.

Modern Rajasthani carpets follow north's Persian patterns.Such designs frequently incorporate hunting scenes or romantic scenes or romantic themes from Persian poetry depending on the need of buyer. Carpet industry of Jaipur is best as compared to many other centers in terms of very fine craftsmanship on wool and silk. A wonderful variety of carpets in Persian, Kashmiri and Mughal styles are available here at really affordable prices.

The Durrie is a unique type of carpet constructed in Rajasthan. It is a plain carpet that was once used as an underlay, but at present time it has become one of the state’s best-known weaving customs. Weavers sit on looms in villages, creating an attractive merge of designs-mostly geometric but sometimes floral-in a thrilling mixture of colours.In areas such as Bikaner and Jaisalmer, the camelhair, woolen Durrie too is available which is prepared from cotton yarn. Namdah or felted carpets which are the other two forms of carpets of Rajasthan are constructed, in areas around Tonk

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