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                                                                                    Camel/Desert Safari
Introduction of Camel/Desert Safari

Camel Safari is one of the exclusive way to look at small villages in Rajasthan. Camel Safaris at the top of this ship of the desert is most thrilling and soft adventure. Riding a camel is not as simple as people believe. It is neither a great trial for patience. It is an immense experience to discover The Thar - a vibrantly, living, desert, very colourful and friendly.

Itineraries of 2 to 7 days can be set traversing approx. 40-50 kms a day on camel. These itineraries are designed in the region of Bikaner, Khimsar, Osian and Jaisalmer. Nights halts are usually given near the village to provide opportunities to combine with the local village folks and to provide insight to the traditional way of their life and culture. in addition to these one camel per pax on the safari, a camel cart accompanies on the tour to handle baggage and permit riders to take break as and when required.

Duration : 2 to 7 days
Region : Bikaner, Khimsar, Osian & Jaisalmer
Season : November to March
No. of pax : Recommended 4 to 10 persons

Camel/Desert Safari in Jaisalmer

The name Jaisalmer is an habit in itself. You can see the long stretches of sand dunes as far as your eyes can go. The golden crests and troughs make available a sense of limitlessness in you. Take a camel safari to experience the immeasurable Thar Desert. Welcome to Jaisalmer!

Camel safaris are mostly  in the locality of Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Osian and Khimsar and stretch from anywhere between 2 to 7 days, with longer ones up to a month. There are shorter daylong camel safaris too, which give you a indication of the desert. The majority of camel safaris begin from the desert fort town of Jaisalmer. In nearly all cases, one camel is provided per person and a camel cart accompanies the entourage, loaded with food, utensils and other supplies; it's also an alternative for anyone who gets sick of sitting on a lurching camel. Tents, food, mineral water, mattresses and an escort are regularly provided, and most operators will also make sure that you get a full dose of local entertainment in the evenings. For longer camel safaris, which are extend over a few days, camps are regularly set up at night in the neighborhood of villages.

Camel/Desert Safari in Pushkar

Pushkar is a small place, positioned 11 km from Ajmer, in the state of Rajasthan (India). It is a holy place regularly visited for the holy Pushkar lake, the Brahma temple and the well-known Camel Safari. Thus, however Pushkar is first and foremost a pilgrimage spot, it is also visited for the exciting camel safaris in the desert sand dunes.

The Great Indian Desert of Rajasthan can be explored using camels which is the enormous and exciting experience one should have in a life time. The Aravalli Range are one of the world's oldest, and have sandy fields, small dunes, beautiful hills and mesmerizing sunrises and sunsets. Camel Safaris are definitely the perfect way to spend time exploring the rural and royal Rajasthan.Camel Safari is an adventure, which takes you through the golden sands of the vast Thar Desert providing the quick look of the desert lifestyle through remote villages. The extraordinary cultural performances on the sand dunes, the camps set up for the travelers, the traditional Rajasthani meals and the picturesque hamlets with friendly folks, all jointly make Camel Safaris on of the special adventure tour in India.

Sunrise /Sunset’ Camel/Desert Safari
It is your choice whether you wish to go on this safari at either morning or evening.
Half Day Camel/Desert Safari

Starting from the Pushkar, you can enjoy an afternoon camel ride to isolated sand dunes, visiting small villages and Rose Garden on the way. While riding on your camel you can experience the beautiful sunset after which you will arrive at the dunes for chai/tea/coffee.

Camel/Desert Safari  in Bikaner

Thar camel safari, Bikaner, India welcomes you to this land of camels, desert, palaces, folklores, mysteries and charms. Our safari has been in service since1998 in Bikaner region of thar desert, providing our guests fun and galore.The excitment begins - while safarying, as the sun descends into the horizon, you  take sunset photographs, while standing on top of the fading desert dunes.

About Bikaner city - Bikaner city lies on the northern point on the triangle of desert cities. Bikaner is another royal walled city dating back 1486 AD . It was Setup by a Rathore prince, Bika and came to be known Bikaner after him. Bikaner was well protected from its enemies by the harsh desert which surrounded this city. It was, however a major trade centre as it stood on the prehistoric carvan route which connects central Asia and north India with the Gujarat seaports. Other outside influences were minimal and this city was able to keep its medieval flavour.

Khimsar Rajasthan Near Jodhpur Has A Unique Fort With A Rich History

The Fort is now a Heritage Hotel. Khimsar Rajasthan is a must visit destination also because of the Nagaur Cattle Fair. Enjoy with Khimsar Fort Rajasthan and Camel Safari Tour.
Enjoy with Wonderful Khimsar Fort Rajasthan and Camel Safari Tour.
Khimsar Rajasthan tourism is a opportunity to view the rural life in Rajasthan, the Nagaur Cattle Fair that is a major cultural event in the region and feast on the traditional Rajasthan cuisine. Also easily available for an enjoyable holiday are Jeep, Horse and Camel Safaris. Also enjoy With attractive Khimsar Fort Rajasthan and Camel Safari Tour.

How To Reach
By Air: Jodhpur is the nearest airport positioned 92 km from Khimsar Rajasthan. 
By Rail: Jodhpur is the nearest railway station.
By Road: Khimsar Rajasthan is well associated with the other cities of Rajasthan by road.

Safari Camp Osian

"Safari Camp Osian" is a desert tented camp located at Osian about 62 kilometers from Johpur.Safari Camp Osian is a deluxe permanat camp dining, bar with tent having all recent amenties.

The major attraction for tourists visiting Osian is the experience of Camel Safari, one of the amazing and distinctive ways to experience Rajasthan. Camels are the ships of the deserts and the safari over this ship under the hot sun is thrilling and exciting. The Camel Camp in Osian, which is build up by by the grandson of Maharaj Rattan Singh named Reggie Singh, has a Safari club offering Camel safari in the region of the deserts of Osian. It is Reggie Singh who first starts camping business with the highest sand dunes. The camp is brilliantly furnished and has a wonderful swimming pool. Those adventurous visitors looking for Camel safari can reside here with all comforts and have the real experience of Camel safari at reasonable rates.

                     Rajasthan Camel/Desert Safari                      Rajasthan Camel/Desert Safari
                   Rajasthan Camel/Desert Safari                         Rajasthan Camel/Desert Safari

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