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Kolvi Buddhist Caves, Jhalawar

Kolvi Buddhist Caves, Jhalawar

The only rock-cut caves in Rajasthan fall in the district of Jhalawar. The ancient Buddhist caves in the Kolvi, Vinayaka and Hathyagod village are situated in Bhawanimandi in the Jhalawar district in the form of a triangle at a distance of about 6 to 8 kms. from each other. The Kolvi village is situated about 90 kms. from Jhalawar.

The Buddhist caves have a collection of over 50 Buddhist, man made caves carved on a desolate hillside. A colossal figure of Buddha and the carved stupas are the most impressive structures in the Buddhist caves. Certain unique trees were found near the monasteries and caves in the Buddhist times. These extraordinary Buddhist caves are believed to belong to the 5th century. It is a short climb to the top where the Buddhist caves are situated. The nearest railway station to reach the Buddhist caves is from Bhawanimandi.

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