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                                                                               Brij festival,Bharatpur
Introduction of Brij Festival

The Brij Festival Is usually held a few days before Holi, (the festival of colors) in the month of March. Takes place in the honour of Lord Krishna, this festival is obvious by dynamism and enthusiasm. Villagers, in happiness can be seen here singing and performing the Raslila dance (dance depicting the immortal love-story of Radha and Krishna).Brij festival is one of the most popular festivals of Rajasthan. Lord Krishna has always been linked with the devotional songs, paintings, sculptures or engravings. All of Bharatpur shows the sound of folk melodies on this festival takes place on the eve of Holi. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor-all are impressed by the spirit of this festival.

The main attraction of this festival is the Raslila Dance. Apart from this Folk Songs and Dances are also held on this day. People of all ages and caste can take part in the Brij Festival.The entire region comes alive and looks brilliant as colors are mixed into the air.Before the celebration start devotees assemble at the temple of shri Radha Krishna Ji in the Morning after taking a bath in the holy waters of Banganga River. It is thought that the Holy Water Has the power to purify souls.The devotees then visit the temples of,Ganga bihari,Lord Shiva, Hanuman and Matha of Goswamiji.

Brij Festival is one of the most well-known Festivals of Rajasthan. Lord Krishna has always been closely connected with the culture and History of Rajasthan.The figure of Krishna has a special role to play whether it is the religious songs or the Paintings,Sculptures,or engravings.The Brij Festival Is thus celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm in Rajasthan.

When Brij Festival is Held

This Festival is held in the Month of March, During this celebration the followers of devotees of Lord Krishna assemble in open air and the performances Begin.

Location of Brij Region

The Brij region is situated in the Bharatpur district. The festival derives its name from the region in which it is celebrated. The festival is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and passion.. The Brij Festival is also known as the Brij Mahotsava. Entire Bharatpur is immersed into the happiness during this festival. Brij Festival or Brij Mahotsava is celebrated for three days in Shukla paksha of Phalgun.

Significance of Brij Festival

Brij festival is celebrated in goodness of Lord Krishna. The center of attraction of this festival are Raslila performances. The villagers dress themselves in multicolor jewels and perform the love ballad- Raslila that give a picture of the eternal love story of lord Krishna and his beloved Radha.

The whole region comes alive and looks brilliant with the beauty of dashes of colors in to the air.With the Brij Festival the enthusiasm and dynamism of Holi continues. The Brij Festival is celebrated with a lot of eagerness in Rajasthan.The Dance is often a part of the cultural music and the stories or Nayaks who are Pabu Bhopas, have a female accompanist; together they perform the Phad (a painted ballad). The festivities are usually tagged with folk dances that were accompanied by music played. Men and women, young and old, rich and poor-all are touched by the spirit of this festival. Brij festivals have popularized Folk opera by the professionals and amateurs.

Whole of the place is painted in bright colors and everyone plays with colours and paints each other .All the people, men or women, young or old, irrespective of their caste or creed take part in the Brij Mahotsav and go down in its spirit..People welcome spring with celebrations and cheerfulness. The fair shines the true traditional culture of Rajasthan. Brij Festival of Bharatpur is a major and famous festivals, celebrated by the local people as well as tourists from all over the world come here to witness the story. Tourists take part in this colorful festival and enjoy and view the festivity.The pace of folk songs fills the atmosphere with the smell of romance. The whole place is painted in brilliant colors.

How to Reach

Bharatpur is located on the Delhi - Mumbai main railway line. It also falls on the National Highway - 11 (Bikaner - Agra).

By Rail
Bharatpur is on the main Delhi - Bombay line with regular connections to Mathura, Sawai Madhopur and Kota on the same route. It is also connected with Agra.

By Road

Bharatpur is well linked by road with Agra, Mathura, Delhi and Jaipur. Regular bus services operate for all major cities. The road distance of Bharatpur from Fatehpur Sikri is 22kms ,from Mathura is 39kms, from Agra is 55 kms, , from Delhi is 184 kms, from Jaipur is 176 kms and from Alwar is 117 kms.

By Air
The nearest airport is Agra, which is about 54 kms from Bharatpur. Agra has daily flights for Delhi, Bombay, Varanasi (via Khajuraho) and Lucknow.

                       Brij Festival Celebration                                   Radha and Krishna

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