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Introduction of Bicycling

Type of Bikes: the bikes which we use are hybrid bikes of Firefox brand  (a mix of mountain bikes and road bikes). Some of the pictures are given below.

Bicycling can be relaxing or exhausting, as you want it to be. In both of the cases, cycling is to experience the busy streets or to explore the countryside is very much pleasurable and refreshing. Cycling is also the cheapest mode of transportation. Though the bikes tend to be basic, they are foolproof and unlikely to develop major snags.

Obviously, bikes are very famous when exploring the countryside where towns are in close proximity,(for example Shekhawati) or for getting around the hilly idylls of places such as Mount Abu.

There are many different places where performing this activity with higher ease is very easy. Those places are not specific it can be a travel mode which is situated between any two cities or can also be between a rural area to the urban area. Cycling can be done throughout the year but one can enjoy this sport more when one perform this sport in sunny weather.But for doing this you should bring adequate amount of food and water with you while doing this . These are the things which gives pleasure to people while Cycling in Rajasthan so make sure to try cycling at least once when you come to visit this western place of India.

Bicycling in Rajasthan

Bicycle is also well known as most suitable mode of transport in Rajasthan. The traveling on a bicycle gives a person leisure and exercise without being exhausting, and it is also very cheapest mode of transport not so expensive. Bicycles can be hired almost from any place in Rajasthan, from a few hours to few days. However, those looking forward to do some serious biking in the state should buy racy, gear bicycles that are available in all major towns, and are inexpensive. At the end of a trip, such bikes can be either sold or simply gifted away. Bikes are perfect in exploring the countryside in Shekhawati or for getting around the hilly places such as Mount Abu. The bicycle polo is also as exciting as the horse polo. This sport was very famous in Bikaner, during sixties and seventies, but in the recent years, it has disappeared and only performed in the Shekhawati region.

Rajasthan! Cycling in Rajasthan is gaining more prominence as the fun which is provided while riding a cycle is largely parallelized with experiencing the treasure in traveling in this palace and Desert reflector place. If you consider that cycling may make you tired then you need to pay more focus on this concept as Cycling in Rajasthan would be very unique and thrilling as it has the capacity to offer totally new world of experiencing cycle ride.

Major Attractions

With Bicycles you can enter even the small lane of the cities and can see the real beauty. From Health Point of view Bicycling will give you relaxation and Stamina too.

Name of the Adventure: Bicycling Tour

Location: Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar,Bikaner, Alwar, Udaipur

Booking: No Prior booking is required.

Best Season: Spring and Winters

How to Reach
Above mentioned cities are well joined with transport systems i.e. with Trains and Buses and Jaipur,Jodhpur and Udaipur are having Airports as well from where one can approach cycle owners.
                          Bicycling through the Market                          Bicycling in Rajasthan Village
                     Cycle Tour in Rajasthan                            Rural Rajasthan on Bicycle

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