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Bhadrajun, Rajasthan

About Bhadrajun

Bhadrajun village is situated in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, it dates back to the times of the Mahabharata epic. However, in recent centuries, it was the sight of war between the Mughal Empire and of the rulers of the Marwar dynasty.

Bhadrajun Fort was constructed at Bhadrajun in the 16th century by the Rathore kings of Marwar. Presently the fort is owned by Rathan Singh Rathore, son of Maharaja Maldeo, the 16th  successor of Marwar Ranas who ruled from Jodhpur. Now this fort is converted into a heritage hotel. The fort has a large collection of goods from its long past.

Climate of Bhadrajun
January is the coldest month, with temperatures ranges between 1 °C and 2 °C. Summer is very hot with an average daily temperature of 41 °C to 42 °C. The highest temperature was 48 °C on few days.

Myth Associated with Bhadrajun

The word ‘Bhadrajun’ is closely connected with the Mahabharata epic. Bhadrajun is made up of 2 words, the name of 'Subhadra', sister of Lord Krishna and 'Arjuna', the third among the five Pandava brothers of Mahabharata. In the beginning, it was called “Subhdr-arjun” but over the years it got altered to the informal usage of the single word “Bhadrajun”. The myth which is associated with this name is a tale of romance.

According to the myth of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna advised Arjuna to marry his sister from Dwarka (where she live with her parents). The cause for Krishna's advice was because Arjuna together with his four brothers was under a vanvas (incognito living), as per the demand of the Kauravas, for having lost their empire in a dice game. However, Arjuna, who was disguised as a saint, fell in love with the daughter of Vasudeva (maternal uncle of Arjuna), Subhadra. Arjuna spent the last year of his 13-year exile period in Dwarka. Krishna, who was aware of this fact, advised Arjuna to run away with his sister so that his true identity would not be disclosed during the marriage. Identification would have resulted in another 13 years exile according to Pandava's deal with the Kauravas. Balarama, brother of Krishna, was very angry with this act. Balarama wanted the Kaurava king Duryodhana to marry to Subhadra. Lord Krishna was not in favour of such an alliance as he is very close to Arjuna, and want nothing but the best for his sister Subhadra.

Arjuna, in costume of a saint, fled from Dwarka with Subhadra in a chariot, in full view of Krishna and Vasudeva and the family members. After a difficult journey of three days and two nights, through mostly isolated forest area, they reached the valley near Bhadrajun where they take decision to marry each other, before going on to Indraprastha, their capital. The marriage was organised by a local Brahmin priest. The Brahmin priest was given an earring (vali in local language) by Subhadra and a conch-shell by Arjuna as fee for their marriage.  

Afterwards the village of the Brahmin was named as ‘sankhavali’ (in the word "sankavali", ‘sankh’ means ‘conch-shell’ and ‘vali’ means “ear ring”). Balarama, though angry with Arjuna did not chase him to stop the marriage. He was convinced by Krishna Vasudeva to pardon Arjuna and Subhadra, by saying that they love each other. Persuaded of this fact, Balarama later sent gifts to his sister - a dowry of chariots, jewellery, elephants, horses, servants and maidservants. After this marriage, Bhadarjun grew in population. A small shrine in the name of Subhadra, commonly known as the “Dhumda Mata”, exists even today in an adjacent village.

Early history

While the legendary history of Bhadrajun is traced to Arjuna who lived in the treta yuga, one of the four Hindu eras) of Mahabharata), the history of Bhadrajun and the Marwar rulers of Jodhpur dates back to 16th century. Several historic wars took place in Bhadrajun, initially against the Suri dynasty and afterwards against the Mughal dynasty rulers. Bhadrajun was occupied by Thakur Rattan Singh, fifth son of Rao Maldeo, the Maharaja of Jodhpur in the year 1549.

Tourist Attractions in Bhadrajun

There are a number of tourist attractions in and around the village of Bhadrajun. Most prominent tourist spot in Bhadrajun is Bhadrajun fort due to its history and status as a heritage hotel.

Bhadrajun fort
Bhadrajun fort is built on the top of hill and although small, it was built as a strong hill fort. It is also strategically located in the village of Bhadrajun, which is also strongly protected since it is surrounded in a horse shoe shape valley with one entry from the east. The walls of the fort are 20–30 feet high, built at strategical locations around the village with a constant width of 10 feet. Bastions, known as burjis, were constructed to erect canons and to eject arrows against invaders. The fort is constructed on rocky hills with forest vegetation which contains trees, rocks, cacti and bushes. The forest around the fort is occupied by wildlife such as wild cats, foxes, jackals, hedge hogs and blue bulls. The fort has been modernized and changed into a luxury hotel, with 14 lavish rooms with attached bathrooms.

How to Reach Bhadrajun:

Bhadrajun is about 95 kms from Jodhpur. Jodhpur is linked by rail, road and air network with all the major cities of the country.

By Rail:
From Bhandrajun the nearest railway station is at Pali which is situated at a distance of about 52 kms from Bhandrajun.

By Air:
From Bhadrajun the nearest airport is at Jodhpur, about 95 kms far away from Bhandrajun. Jodhpur airport is well connected with all the major cities of the country. 


Bhadrajun Bhadrajun Village
Bhadrajun Village Bhadrajun Fort
Bhadrajun Fort Bhadrajun Village
Bhadrajun Village Bhadrajun Villagers

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